Server Hosting


With our hosting service, BH will operate your company’s server at the data center in 350 E Cermak, Chicago. The data center is fully equipped with secondary power generator, air conditioning unit, multiple backup internet lines, and is highly secure.  BH will also provide the necessary Windows Server License and User CAL, so aside from special programs there will be no need to possess fixed assets. Instead of spending a great deal of time and money for maintaining the server locally, your company will be able to rent the server at a low fixed price. In short, hosting is a service to rent the IT environment.


  • Power Management - 2N independent power sources, 2N 750 kVA Liebert UPS for minor power outage, 2MW + 1MW Caterpillar Diesel Generator for major power outage
  • Air Conditioning - Server room designed to minimize dust intake, multiple dedicated HVAC unit installed for temperature and humidity adjustment, 16x20 Ton Liebert Units, N+1
  • Security System - ID Scanner, Security Staff, Metal Detection, Security Camera, Biometric System
  • Multiple Internet Line - AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Level(3), BT, CME, ICE, Cogent, XO, Steadfast Networks and other
  • Independent Environment - Even when the local office experiences a power outage, internet connection loss, fire hazard or theft, the server will be unaffected and still be accessible. Site-to-Site OpenVPN connection will be used (TLS Protocol, AES-128-CBC Encryption Algorithm)
  • No Equipment Purchase - No need to purchase server licenses and equipment, so there will be no depreciation
  • Easy Office Move - Server is managed externally, so the server will experience no downtime when moving offices
  • Easy Expansion - Virtual server provides flexibility in terms of upgrades, no hardware purchase will be necessary
  • Server Maintenance - Windows OS: monthly update, active directory/file permission/GPO management, performance/backup monitoring, OS troubleshooting. Linux OS: monthly update, performance/backup monitoring, OS troubleshooting.  OS Update requires a reboot and will be scheduled on third Saturday.  Notification email will be provided beforehand.  Update will be postponed to the next month on case such as cancellation request.
  • Server Backup - Semi-annual server restoration test. 3-3-1 rule compliant (Figure below) for 28 image restore points at primary Chicago data center and 5 offsite image restore points at secondary West Chicago data center.