Message From Top Management

The description of the word "Beach Head" (Originally a single word) is "the first step into the new world." Our company was established in Chicago, America in 1996 as an independant IT Service Company. Since then, we have provided cutting edge IT services primarily to our Clients located in Midwest to enhance their network infrastructure and data integrity.  Based on our policy of "Working and Thinking Positively," we strive to become a professional group that proposes and executes an effective system solution with the highest level in service quality.

We are constantly on the look for the latest Information Technology and implement it as if necessary in order to improve your company's productivity.  A pioneer branch that investigates the U.S. market is also called "Beachhead." We at Beach Head, Inc. will promise to provide your company with the utmost technology to help your market development strategy.


President - Tsukasa (Scott) Hamamoto