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Phreebooks by PhreeSoft is an accounting software package that was developed as an open-source, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) web-based application that was targeted mainly towards the small to medium sized business market. It is based on the widely distributed PHP language, backed by a robust MYSQL database. PhreeBooks has many strengths, but it really excels in flexibility as it is multi-language (Japanese included) as well as platform and browser independent. Here at Beach Head, we create and modify modules for PhreeBooks in order to provide perfect accounting solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.


Have you ever dreamed of a system that would enable you to complete your transactions between your group company with just a few clicks? Well, we have it right here.  Let us introduce our Supply Chain System that will directly connect between your group company.



Does your company require EDI transactions with your customer/vendor? if so, is the EDI data automatically imported to your accounting system? Is the ASN automatically being sent when the shipment is processed? Synchronizing accounting data with EDI will drastically improve the work efficiency of your company, as well as the ability to view the most up-to-date accounting data at any time.  We have developed our own EDI system, BHEDI which is capable of integrating seamlessly with other accounting systems.


Maintaining all the records of your customers’ machine with excel sheets will eventually become difficult, especially if you have different sales reps entering different kind of data. With our Machine Database Module (BHMDM) your company will have a single form to enter the machine specific data, which will be viewable in a single interface.


Do you print out shipping labels by manual entry? Do you have barcode check scan system established? Does your system allow palletizing? And most importantly, is the data connected to your accounting system? We sometimes initially hear from our customers that accounting system link with inventory/shipping is not important, but every time we finish setting up the link we get great feedback!


BHMSP (BH Managed Service Plan) is an administration service that will manage the operation of a company’s IT environment. The complexity of the IT industry has been increasing dramatically over the past few years with the recent advances in new technology and cyber security problems, which makes it more and more difficult for companies to manage everything internally. BHMSP will manage your company’s IT environment even if there’s no IT management personnel within your office, and makes expansions a lot simpler.  Beach Head Inc. (hereinafter BH) will provide a stress-free operation and a healthy IT environment with this service.


With our hosting service, BH will operate your company’s server at the data center in 350 E Cermak, Chicago. The data center is fully equipped with secondary power generator, air conditioning unit, multiple backup internet lines, and is highly secure.  BH will also provide the necessary Windows Server License and User CAL, so aside from special programs there will be no need to possess fixed assets. Instead of spending a great deal of time and money for maintaining the server locally, your company will be able to rent the server at a low fixed price. In short, hosting is a service to rent the IT environment.

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New website is here!

January 18, 2017

Our new website is up and running!  The new website consists more modern design along with detailed information, which we hope that it will assist you in finding the perfect solution. Oh, and have you noticed our new company logo?  🙂  

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Network Infrastructure Upgrade – Topy Precision MFG, Inc.

December 22, 2016

Case study for Topy Precision MFG, Inc.

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We’ve relocated to a new office!

September 1, 2016
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