BHLGM - Logistics Module

BHLGM - 倉庫管理


Do you print out shipping labels by manual entry? Do you have barcode check scan system established? Does your system allow palletizing? And most importantly, is the data connected to your accounting system? We sometimes initially hear from our customers that accounting system link with inventory/shipping is not important, but every time we finish setting up the link we get great feedback!


The bottom line is that, double entry is tiresome and troublesome. We’ve heard quite a few problems related to incorrect accounting data entry, either because of sloppy handwriting on the shipping paperwork or just pure negligence. And, although quite rare, there is also a change that a person may forget to pass on the paperwork after processing the shipment. Either case, it can be avoided if the shipping data was passed electronically to the accounting system.


We have built the Logistics Module (BHLM) so that the users can print labels, scan barcodes, process shipment, and at the same time transfer the data to the accounting system from the same system. Labels can be customized per customer. This module is also an add-on to the BH-ERP, but can be utilized as a shipping tool similar to other modules. We can assist in setting up the shipping data transfer to your accounting system.
Please contact us if you are interested.