BHMDM - Machine Database Module

BHMDM - シリアル番号管理


Maintaining all the records of your customers’ machine with excel sheets will eventually become difficult, especially if you have different sales reps entering different kind of data. With our Machine Database Module (BHMDM) your company will have a single form to enter the machine specific data, which will be viewable in a single interface.


We often hear the following problem from machine manufacturers:

  • I have to ask the person-in-charge for certain customers, since I don’t have any data on my end
  • There’s no info when the machine was initially sold, I only have info of the current owner
  • Someone else serviced the machine last time, so I have no clue on what was done
  • I ordered replacement parts of the same machine last time, but I have to look around and find it


Most likely the users are “used to it”, but it is a significant waste of time if you stack all these problems together. BHMDM will help you minimize these issues, which will provide more time for the representatives to assist their customers rather than going through the paperwork.


For example, the following fields will be present: (There are many other, and we can also add specific fields as necessary)

  • Model Name/Model Type/Serial Number…
  • Manufacturing Date/Sales Date/Installation Date/Service Date…
  • Original Owner/Current Owner/Owner History…
  • Optional Parts/Special Instructions/Service History…
  • Main Rep/Sub Rep/Project Number…

If you would like to see a demo, please contact us to get started.