BHMSP - Managed Service Plan


BHMSP (BH Managed Service Plan) is an administration service that will manage the operation of a company’s IT environment.

The complexity of the IT industry has been increasing dramatically over the past few years with the recent advances in new technology and cyber security problems, which makes it more and more difficult for companies to manage everything internally. BHMSP will manage your company’s IT environment even if there’s no IT management personnel within your office, and makes expansions a lot simpler.  Beach Head Inc. (hereinafter BH) will provide a stress-free operation and a healthy IT environment with this service.


  • Lower IT Administration Cost - Reduced cost from more stable IT infrastructure
  • Flexible Service - A customizable service that can be tailored specifically for your needs
  • Fixed Price Table - Easier to calculate monthly recurring IT administration cost
  • Stronger Security - Hardening security from multiple attack vectors will prevent further security problems
  • Better Operation Efficiency - The end user can concentrate more on their work due to higher IT system uptime
  • Faster Problem Recovery - The end user will get their problems resolved rapidly thanks to the remote agent tool
  • Office Software Provided - The end user will be granted the latest Microsoft Office for their business machine
  • Consolidated Invoice - Email provider, Microsoft Office license, security software fee will be all in one invoice